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  after, one more regatta

Cascais, 2007 July. This regatta, the “ISAF Sailing World Championships”, lasted almost two weeks and was held in the most beautiful bay of the city, also considered one of the best race areas in the world. It served as a means of selecting around 75% of the participants for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.
The intention in this project, developed during the last days of the event, was to portray people displaying their feelings and commitment to the sport. In addition to the range of nationalities, the vast age span of the competitors is clearly visible, sailing being one of the few sports which, although demanding in terms of physical effort, crosses age.
The collaboration of the sailors was fantastic, and I would like to express to them, my sincere thanks. From the numerous resulting images, I present only a brief, personal selection of their faces, photographed after “one more regatta”. The physical exhaustion and the salt on the skin, does not obscure their expressions of joy in being there and in participating.
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