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  NTM Creoula

In 1999 I had the opportunity to take part in a voyage aboard an ancient cod fishing boat, a lugger of four masts that was later transformed into a navy training ship - the Creoula.
This was a voyage, organized by CEAI (Centro de Estudos da Avifauna Ibérica), a Center where Iberian birds and fauna are studied, to Madeira passing close to Porto Santo and the deserted islands. This was a unique experience for me, and one which I would enthusiastically recommend to anyone with the opportunity to do the same.
This trip, completely captured on film, resulted in a work in which all participants were photographed individually (pupils and crew) and also together. It seems almost like a type of time capsule.
The work, encompassing the photographs and the contributions of several participants, form the body of a website, published the same year.

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