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  NRP Sagres

This work originated during a meeting in Rouen in France, "Rouen Navy 2003", part of an event commemorating the French Revolution.
This was the fourth time the event had been staged, and boats from all over the world participated, such as the Belem (France) the Cuauhtemoc (Mexico), the Dewaruci (Indonesia), the Dar Mlodziezy (Poland) or the Mir (Russia), just to mention some. I remember seeing at that time, a reference to the Sagres in the French press, calling it "le plus marin" of every sailing boat present.

This voyage began in Rouen, and after days of traditional maritime activities, it culminated in a procession along the Seine, towards Le Havre, continuing thereafter to Funchal. Of the wide collection of images resulting from this journey, here is a short, very personal selection.
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